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Magic System Q&A Part 3 (EQII.COM)

James Snietka Posted:
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   EQII.COM recently posted their final installment of their Q&A feature pertaining to Everquest 2's magic system. Here is a basic summary of the Q&A:

  • Any particle effects seen in screenshots were just placeholder effects. The real particle effects are soon to come!
  • Artisans will be able to use components gained from harvesting and adventuring to create more powerful versions of existing spells.
  • NPCs/MOBs are intended to follow more-or-less the same rules as player characters (similar Hit Points or Mana points, perhaps the ability to be interrupted, etc.) NPCs/MOBs will often travel in groups and utilize tactics to provide more of a challenge to player characters.
  • Some spells may grow in power as a character levels, others will stay at a fixed level of power.
  • All classes will be able to solo but some classes can solo better than others. The focus of Everquest 2 is group play but soloing will be a viable option for players.

You can read the complete Q&A here:http://www.eqii.com/showarticle.php?t=12784

(The information in this article was obtained from EQII.COM, all credit for the information above goes to them)


James Snietka