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Magic Online Will Officially Migrate To Daybreak's Servers Next Tuesday

MTGO Transitioning October 18th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Magic Online, the original incarnation of Wizard's of the Coast's foray into online Magic play, will be finally migrating over to Daybreak's servers, coming on October 18th.

You might recall that last year it was announced that Daybreak would be taking over the publishing of the Magic the Gathering Online product in 2022, and it looks like that time has finally come. The official Wizards post details how the server migration and downtime will work, with the maintenance taking place on October 18th. 

Wizards is expecting at least 8 to 10 hours of downtime while MTGO is migrated over to Daybreak's servers. As such, the game will obviously be unavailable most of the day while they implement the store, trade, collections and other services on the new set up.

Once everything is brought back online, some aspects will remain closed to ensure that everything has been set up properly, such as the Store purchase or trading with other players. Those worried about their collections will have them copied onto the new server during the downtime as well.

Wizards is also anticipating that events and Leagues might be delayed opening up after the downtime finishes, but they are targeting a Wednesday, October 19th opening for these features. Also, to test the new server infrastructure, Wizards will be hosting a free Super League even once the Daybreak servers are live.

Magic: The Gathering Online shouldn't be confused with Wizards' other online Magic offering, Magic Arena. The former includes cards from all across the 30 year history of Magic: the Gathering and includes formats such as Modern, Legacy, Commander and much more. It also allows for players to trade cards to one another, allowing for a closer feel to paper Magic versus the Arena offering.


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