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Magic Online Has Now Officially Been Moved Under The Daybreak Umbrella

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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After a long downtime yesterday, Magic the Gathering Online has now officially been migrated to Daybreak's servers, marking a new era in the long-running online version of the incredibly popular table top game.

Magic Online was announced to be taken over by Daybreak last year, and yesterday was finally the day to see if happen. The downtime took up most of the day, but by all accounts, it went rather smoothly, releasing new features in waves to as not to overwhelm everything and ensure it worked first. 

 However, there are still some issues to know about if you're jumping into MTGO today. The new forums, which are now run by Daybreak as well, won't be available for a few days now, and if you're looking to peruse some of the decklists players are using, they won't be available for about a week, according to the official Twitter.

However, jumping in and playing, the core of Magic Online is there, with account trading and leagues unpaused. By all accounts, Magic the Gathering Online has carried on without many hitches, which is good to see for a title as old and bulky as MTGO, especially after a full server migration to a new company. Just be sure to uninstall and reinstall the new launcher to hop into the online card game.


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