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Magic: Legends Team Introduces Realms

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, the Magic Legends team provided an update on realms and more recently.

The team cited the need for creating Realms for tying together deck building, character loadouts, and artifacts. They intend realms as a place where players will have complete control and build upon it. Really this speaks to the power fantasy of being a planeswalker. You’ll be see how your realm will grow with you, reflecting your power and progress,

“As players level the focal point of their Realm — known as the Aetheric Core — they will be able to undertake projects at various workstations within. These workstations include the Arcane Library, the Artificers Workshop, the Mana Vault, and Lands.”

You can improve each of these through various projects. You can also earn some unique rewards like new spells, artifacts, multipliers for missions, and more. Resource conversion can also be done in these realms. The post concludes, teasing what’s still to come in future updates like pre-alpha and more.

Feel free to read the full details here.


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