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Magic: Legends Talks Week 3 Of The ARPG's Open Beta Looking Ahead To Future Update

Performance, tutorial and battlepass all touched on

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In the third week (and as many State of the Game posts) of the Magic: Legends open beta, executive producer Steve Ricossa talks about the changes coming in its mid-April update.

Since launching into open beta late MarchMagic: Legends has been hearing mountains of feedback regarding the tutorial and the pace of the opening moments, as well as feedback on the monetization and performance of the ARPG. While many like the deck-building aspect of Magic: Legends, there is a lot the team has to work on to make this a truly transformative ARPG in the genre. 

Since the launch, executive producer Steve Ricossa has been updating players on the state of the game, specifically looking ahead to an update coming in mid-April - so this month. This latest blog entry details some of what players can and should expect to see when that update does roll out.

Starting with performance, Ricossa says the team has found "more opporutnities to crank up performance in the game" and not just in Tazeem, which was a focus originally. While Ricossa mentions these tweaks won't be pushed live right away, players should expect to see them in the future as they are tested and iterated on internally.

Moving onto the tutorial, one of the major complaints from players (and myself in my impressions piece) was that the tutorial was just too long. At times it can feel like a slog and it takes a while to get to the true "meat" of the experience as Ricossa puts it. The team is working ontweaking this progression while still ensuring that core systems are being taught to players, as well as utilizing the recently increased spell drop rate.

Ricossa also touched on the upcoming mid-April update. While we don't know the exact timing of the update (other than mid-April), Ricossa says the team has already anticipated a patch notes with over 450 resolved bugs and more, including removing player collision in Magic: Legends. Also mentioned were issues surroudning the battlepass, as the team announced they will be running double XP weekends as well as "evaluating the overall duration to hit the max level of the pass." The team is also looking at the currancy caps in the game and while they explain they are in place to help ensure the economy doesn't get "too out of whack" assuming the team ends up "over-rewarding somewhere," they are open to feedback and evaluating the caps in the future.


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