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Magic: Legends Talks Quality Of Life Changes, End Game And More In Latest Patch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Magic: Legends has had an interesting month since hitting Open Beta in late March. Since launch they have taken player feedback and tweaked aspects of their ARPG, including changing up the pace of the early game in April's mid-month patch. The team at Cryptic has launched a new update today, and took some time to mention the end-game of Legends.

The team talked briefly about today's patch, including focusing on "a few of remaining bug QoL improvements." Executive Producer Steve Ricossa also talked about what the team is working on now ahead of the May update.

"Last week, the mid-April update dropped with its pile of nice fixes designed to make your game experience better. This week is a smaller update, mostly focused on a few of remaining bug and QoL improvements. The team is hard at work using your feedback on many improvements that will drop between now and the May Update. Performance continues to make large strides and we expect that our changes will provide smoother play experience across all hardware levels."

Additionally, the Magic: Legends is building up its end game as well after feedback from players is that it just isn't as substantial as they would want. Ricossa acknowledges the team agrees that it needs to be expanded "both in challenge and specific content." As such, the team is working on creating "more end game experiences," which they will share soon.

Magic: Legends is currently in open beta on PC, though the console versions will be coming later on this year. Currently the versions are playable at the studio and are being worked on amongst all the work being done in the open beta. Earlier this month the team released a major mid-April patch which addressed many of the pieces of feedback from the initial days of the beta, including revamping the starting areas and progression to get players into the meat and potatoes of the ARPG sooner. In case you haven't hopped in just yet, here are five things we liked (and five we didn't) in Magic: Legends.


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