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Magic: Legends Shows Off The Geomancer In Gameplay Video

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Game Informer continued its cover story coverage of Perfect World's upcoming Action MMO/RPG, Magic: Legends. They previously took a look at the intellectual Mind Mage, while today they are looking at the Geomancer.

Game Informer broke down the gameplay in a 10-minute long video, showing off the Red magic themed character, as well as broke down some of the basic mechanics of the upcoming Magic based game. Each character has a basic attack, special attack and a mobility ability, in addition to the deck you use to sling spells at the waves of enemies in the world.

The Geomancer on display is much more aggressive than the Mind Mage, liking to get up close and personal in combat. A few of the spells shown off included summoning Golems and an area of effect spell named Lava Vortex, which acts as a great damage dealer while also doing some much needed crowd control on your enemies. 

The Geomancer video also gave a glimpse into some of the characters you might meet in Magic: Legends, such as the Lich-Knight brother of Planeswalker Liliana Vess, Josu Vess. The quest the team was breaking down took place on Benalia, one of the continents on the popular plane of Dominaria. 

You can check out the gameplay and Game Informer's thoughts on the B-roll footage in the video embed below.


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