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Magic: Legends Showcases Three Iconic Characters Coming In ARPG

Nissa, Josu And Ral

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Magic: The Gathering is full of iconic characters, and the Magic: Legends team has brought a few of them into their vision of the multiverse in the upcoming ARPG. 

Over the course of its multi-decade history, Magic has seen heroes and villians rise and fall, all depicted on the pages of books and the cardboard the cards are printed on. Magic: Legends aims to bring a few of them to life in the ARPG, which will be in open beta later this month. The Cryptic team took to the Legends blog to detail a few of the characters players can meet, including the Planeswalkers Nissa Revane, Ral Zarek and the villain Josu Vess.

Nissa is probably the most recognizeable of the bunch, being part of The Gatewatch, a group of Planeswalkers who allied with one another to defend Zendikar from the Eldrazi threat. Nissa hails from Zendikar, which is where players will first meet the Planeswalker, though what she is doing there remains to be seen.

Another Planeswalker being added to the potential allies you can meet up with in Magic: Legends is the Izzet mage Ral Zarek. Hailing from Ravnica, Ral Zarek is "one of the brightest storm mages of his time." Blending Red and Blue magic, players will meet Zarek first while he's still learning under the dragon himself, Niv-Mizzet. 

Josu Vess is one of the villains players will encounter in Legends. The brother of necromantic Planeswalker Lilianna Vess, Josu comes from the historical plane of Dominaria. The lich lord of the Cabal, players will square off  against Vess in Dominaria itself, taking on one of the most iconic - and tragic - characters in MTG history.

You can check out the full details and biographies of the characters on the Magic: Legends blogMagic: Legends is coming to open beta on March 23rd on the Epic Games Store and Perfect World's own Arc launcher. The team recently showed off the equipment and gear system in the ARPG, as well as a new gameplay trailer to celebrate the upcoming beta.


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