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Magic: Legends Shares Details on Gavony Province

From art to implementation

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Magic: Legends has previewed the Gavony province, a “dark brooding province” you’ll see when you visit Innistrad.

Gavony is described as a thematically dark environment, one which the team has some fun building out. To that end, the team of artists work closely together and work on a single region at the same time. The creation of Gavony comprised of several phases.

The first phase was the gameplay phase. In short, all placeholders for a certain are replaced with art. Then, some rudimentary lighting and atmosphere is added. Finally, art is place in as support for the story. The second phase is history and culture. The goal here it create a lived in feeling, and so details are added to support this. Again, lighting and atmosphere are finalized. Then culture kits are placed.

The final phase involves polish. This is where the team can focus on some final details, and fix various bugs. Finally, last minute changes are implemented to support gameplay or story changes. Since Gavony was a benchmark of sorts for the team, they’re glad to say it worked,

“Gavony raised our internal benchmark for the amount of items we need in our culture kits to create a living, breathing region. This phased approach has been a great tool for us to improve our implementation processes as an environment.”

You can check out the full details here.


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