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Magic: Legends Previews Equipment And Gear To Better Kit Out Your Planeswalker

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Magic: Legends gave some insight into their equipment system coming with the ARPG in March when the game hits open beta. The system features equipment rarities and more, much like most ARPGs, though the team is hoping to avoid the overbearing loot drops seen in the genre.

Originally not planned in the ARPG, the team behind Magic: Legends states that the system implemented is based on the feedback they recieved over the course of the  Closed Alpha sessions.

"In our original iteration of Magic: Legends, we wanted to forego the usual loot system seen in most action RPGs with an innovative concept using spells and artifacts of different levels and rarities. Through our Closed Alpha tests over the past year, we’ve gathered a lot of player feedback about our take on player progression and decided to implement a more robust Equipment system. Delving deeper into itemization, we landed at a structure that feels rewarding for defeating enemies and completing missions, while avoiding the sometimes overbearing loot drops and inventory management that one might expect in an ARPG."

With gear in Magic: Legends, you'll have a head, body, arms and feet slot, as well as two accessories. Each item will have a rarity, like most games in the genre, however they will be named after the card type rarities from the paper Magic game: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Mythic Rare.

Equipment in Magic: Legends will improve combat and your ability to survive, according to the Legends team. Additionally, each item will have a single Core Mode, as well as Adaptive Mods. These Core Mods are fixed on the item, while Adaptive Mods can be swapped with others.

Magic: Legends will also feature a tailor to fully customize the look of your Planeswalker. Gear will unlock new cosmetic options for players to use during their gameplay, in addition to all the stat boosting goodness.  The Tailor can also let you adjust your characters body and overall look, so it's not just limited to your costume.

You can learn more about the new system in the video embed below. Magic: Legends is coming to Open Beta on March 23rd. ICYMI, Magic: Legends dropped a new gameplay trailer last week during the Epic Games Showcase, showing the ARPG in action.


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