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Magic: Legends Open Beta Pre-Release Event Live Streaming Today at 2p ET

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ahead of tomorrow’s PC open beta release, the Magic: Legends team is hosting a pre-release event later today at 2p ET. Here are the details.

The event will run from 11a – 6p PT / 2p – 9p ET today and will be live streamed on the official Twitch channels. Throughout the day, a bunch of streamers will be streaming the game. Watching the streams will give you a chance to win pre-release access to Magic: Legends. Each streamer will have 100 such keys to giveaway.

Some of the streamers involved in this pre-event are:

  • Crokoeyz
  • Numot
  • Deathsie
  • Amazonian
  • Voxy
  • Aliasv
  • Aliedrazi
  • Jimdavismtg
  • Rlyknight
  • Crim
  • MTGnerdgirl
  • JanaAmari
  • Techniq
  • Noxiouslive

If you receive a key, be sure to follow these instructions to redeem it. Of course, you’ll need an Arc account to participate, in addition to installing the Cryptic Launcher.

The pre-release event is happening on the live server. this means if you happen to receive one of these keys, your progress won’t be wiped once PC open beta starts. Before you dive into the beta, however, be sure to check out our impressions with our hands-on preview. Finally, you might recall that the game stopped referring to itself as an MMO. Here’s why they stopped doing that.

Magic: Legends is set to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this year.


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