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Magic: Legends - Necromancer Class Announced as One of Five Planeswalker Launch Characters

Necromancer is the NecromAnswer

Steven Weber Posted:
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In an announcement from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, Magic: Legends is going to receive the Necromancer class as one of the five Planeswalker classes released at launch. The Necromancer will be themed around black mana from the Magic: The Gathering game.

Cryptic released some hefty details regarding just what the Necromancer will be capable of. Some abilities for the Necromancer will include:

  • Grim Siphon: A mid-range lashing attack that drains life from foes over time.
  • Grave Upheaval: A damage-dealing secondary ability that targets foes and summons two skeletons
  • Soul Wither: A utility ability that applies slows and damage over time effects to nearby enemies.

In a lengthy blog post detailing the design elements around the Necromancer, an outline of this mid-range damage dealer starts to take shape both in the practice of combat, and the way the character was designed. You can read more about the Necromancer in grave detail on the official blog post.

Magic: Legends recently released information on another Planeswalker class, the Sanctifier. To learn more about Magic: Legends and the design process of the environments you’re likely to encounter, the team has put together some details on the jungle continent Zendikar.


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