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Magic: Legends Explores The Multiverse, Highlighting Launch Locations For Upcoming ARPG

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Magic: Legends pulled back the veil a bit on what players can expect at launch, giving something of a primer for the Multiverse seen in the ARPG based on the popular card game.

Magic: Legends' Senior Writer, Winter Mullenix, speaks in the blog post on the official ML website about where exactly the ARPG fits in the Multiverse setting of Magic: The Gathering, specifically talking about the different planes themselves players will explore at launch.

First up is Dominaria, last seen in card form with the release of 2018's set of the same name. Dominaria is a storied location in Magic's history, with characters such as Karn, Teferi and the Black-mana Necromancer, Liliana Vess hailing from the plane. As Mullenix puts it, Dominaria was "the nexus of the Multiverse," and was the setting for many of the universe's early conflicts and struggles. 

Also detailed is another storied plane in Magic history, Zendikar. Swarming with the mana-devouring creatures known as Eldrazi, this incredibly important plane acted as  the setting for The Gatewatch, a group of Planeswalkers who banded together to stop the threat to Zendikar. The plane is also known for its iconic landscape, such as the massive octahedral stones, also known as "hedrons" which float in the sky and dominate much of the artwork about this plane. 

Finally, the post details Innistrad, another very popular plane in Magic. Magic: Legends players will be able to head to the gothic-inspired plane, home of vampires, werewolves and muych more. Gavony, one of the plane's provinces, is one of the few "safe havens where people band together and survive," the post reads.

As far as where Magic: Legends takes place among the stories told by the card game, Mullenix confirmed that the ARPG will be set between the Great Mending of Dominaria and before theHour of Devastation, though the team is obviously being hush hush with actual details as to what you'll be doing in that story. 

You can check out more about Magic: Legends and its place in the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse on the offical blog post. Magic: Legends will head to open beta this March, so the wait isn't too long for those eager to start Planeswalking themselves. 


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