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Magic: Legends Executive Producer Details Monetization In Upcoming ARPG

Booster Packs, Themed Planeswalker Classes and More On The Menu

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Magic: Legends has detailed its upcoming plans for monetization thanks to a lengthy post from Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa. In the post, the EP details the different ways the team plans monetize the upcoming Action RPG set in the iconic world of Magic: The Gathering.

First off, Ricossa mentions Legends will not be selling any future content of any kind, instead detailing that his vision is for players to be able to explore everything Magic: Legends has to offer without "spending a dime."

"First things first, Magic: Legends will not be selling content updates or playable missions. Our goal is for the entire game to be playable and fun from beginning through endgame and beyond without having to spend a dime. Period. We will be offering a variety of items for purchase that will give players alternative options when building their decks or loadouts, but not give them a numerical power advantage. "

As a result, players can expect to see virtual currencies much like Star Trek: Online and Nevewinter. Players can then spend that on items such as Booster Packs, a staple of table top - and now virtual Magic - to build their library of cards. Not every card in a booster pack it seems will be a new spell, however, as Ricossa mentions it will give a chance to unlock not just spells for your deck, but "shards of spells to expand and level your spell library" and more.

"If you choose to purchase these booster packs, there are several other types of items you have a chance to unlock in addition to spells. These range from unique Artifacts, to unique spells, and even a unique class. These classes and items are not more powerful than the free classes or other items that exist in the game, but are different horizontally. They provide a different set of play options, but don’t give a power advantage. For example, the Geomancer and Mind Mage are equally powerful ways to experience the Multiverse, but they offer different and unique gameplay experiences."

Additionally, other themed Planeswalker classes will also be available to purchase throughout your time in Magic: Legends, apparently giving players more options when putting together their own individual loadouts. Ricossa, again, emphasizes that these Planeswalker classes aren't more powerful than the free options, rather they give another way to play "without giving a numerical advantage."

In addition to all these options, the team is also implementing a Battle Pass system -something that has almost become second nature to free-to-play titles in recent years - with two tracks: a paid pass and free track. While the free track on the Battle Pass will give cosmetics, artifacts and more as you progress, the paid version will offer everything the free track does, but with unique cosmetics, more bonus currency earned and "unique loadout customization options."

You can check out the full post on the Magic: Legends website. In other Magic: Legends news, the team recently detailed how it's creating the world of Magic: The Gathering, most recently Zendikar's Tazeem.

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