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Magic: Legends Details the 'Director' System

Allows Dynamic Missions for Enhanced Player Experience

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Magic: Legends has revealed a new system they are implementing called the 'Director' which will dynamically change missions to enhance play experience.

Explained in a news post from yesterday, this new system will track player progression and will "control which enemies spawn, where they spawn, and when they spawn," so that missions are neither purely static nor purely randomized. They liken the system to being like "the dungeon master leading a tabletop game."

The Director can change up which enemies spawn where, eliminating the tedious pacing that comes with scripted spawns. It may even spawn Legendary creatures, which will have power modifications added onto them such as Deathtouch, Chilled, or Swiftness. Behind the scenes, the Director will switch between a "Build-up" state and a "Relax" state which should keep the intensity of missions like a roller-coaster, which they say "exemplifies good pacing."

For more on the Director, you can read the full deep-dive in the link above. In other news, check out their other deep dive into Realms and Class Progression as well as learn about how they are bringing Shiv to life in Magic: Legends.


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