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Magic Legends Details Geomancer Gameplay In New Dev Blog

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new dev blog has outlined the design behind the Geomancer in Magic Legends.

The post starts by outlining three key questions the team asked before designing the class: which colors do they wish to capture, what kind of gameplay experience do they want, and which existing planeswalkers capture the power fantasy they’re trying to deliver players.

The team wanted a melee character for red mana which led them to Koth from the Mirrodin expansion as a starting point. The visual language, they said, was key in delivering the aggression they were going for.

Gameplay was centered around accessible power. With this, the shield mechanic was born,

“Shield is generated passively when the Geomancer is engaged in combat and actively when they cast certain spells or utilize class abilities. The player then has the choice to unleash the shield to boost their outgoing damage or keep it built up to mitigate incoming damage.”

Visually, the Geomancer has obsidian gauntlets to make the player stand out, again going back to Koth’s design. Animation was focused on aggression and intensity. You can learn more about the design process here.


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