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Magic: Legends Details Difficulty Ahead Of This Month's Beta

Planeswalking To A Higher Difficulty

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Magic: Legends hits open beta later this month, and the ARPG is trying to give Planeswalkers a glimpse into some of the challenges they will be facing when they can enter the Magic Multiverse.

Magic: Legends will have four difficulty modes to choose from: Normal, Hard, Expert and Master. These modes are unlocked by reaching various milestones during your gameplay, according to the developer blog. The higher the difficulty, the more of a challenge the different mobs will be, forcing players to look at new loadouts and experiment with new builds to overcome the challenge.

Cryptic also broke down a system called Regional and World Enhancements. On Hard and above, these enhancements will force Planeswalkers to overcome modifiers in combat, upping the challenge. Enhancements such as Reflect which...as the name suggests...reflects damage back onto you with each hit on an enemy, or a cool way to incorporate the old Mana Burn feature with Mana Overload and Mana Feedback. These are optional enhancements on Hard, but with the Expert and Master difficulties, these are automatically added to the experience.

World Enhancement are single-use consumables that add even more challenge to the gameplay. These enahncements can also be crafted and sold in the ARPG's auction house, and the effects of the enhancement will stack with both difficulty and the current regional enhancement in play.

You can check out the full post on the Magic: Legends devblog for more details. Additionally, you can see this in action in the video embed below. Yesterday, Magic: Legends showcased a few of the iconic characters you'll meet in the ARPG, including the legendary Planeswalker Nissa Revane.


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