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Magic: Legends Announces the Sanctifier Class

Get Sanctified!

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Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have released details on one more of the five Planeswalker classes that will be available at the launch of Magic: Legends, the Sanctifier. This support class is inspired by the radiance of the sun, and is meant to be associated with Magic: The Gathering’s white mana.

The Sanctifier is a ranged class whose goals revolve around smiting enemies from afar and maintaining the health of their allies and supporting their team. In a blog post released by the Magic: Legends team a series of abilities have been specified. These abilities for the Sanctifier are:

  • Divine Bolt:  A primary ability that fires long range bolts of searing light at enemies from a safe distance.
  • Wave of Radiance: Generates a brilliant swath of moving light that damages every enemy it touches. At later levels, this wave can also heal the Sanctifier’s allies and summons.
  • Salvation: A utility ability, which comes with a unique stacking mechanic.Every time the Sanctifier uses Salvation, they regenerate health, heal their summons, and gain a stack of Devotion. Upon gathering four stacks of Devotion, the Sanctifier is joined by an Angel who fights alongside them with Lifelink. Like the card game source material, creatures with Lifelink heal the player as they deal damage.

Much more information on the new Sanctifier class can be found on the blog post that goes into the visuals and how they created the look and feel of the Sanctifier, as well as what went into the creation of the animations and effects the character uses to bring it to life. Cryptic has been very forthcoming with information regarding their upcoming ARPG, so if the Sanctifier blog tickles your fancy, these details on their monetization plans might also.


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