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Magic Classes

Jon Wood Posted:
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The team over at Ether Saga Online has provided us with this developer journal focusing on the magic classes in their MMO.

Ether Saga Online is based on the famous Chinese literature Journey to the West. Players can choose one of three races in the land. Unlike most MMOs, each race in ESO can choose from any of the six classes in the game. The six classes are:

1. Conjurer (mage) 2. Dragoon (tank) 3. Mystic (healer) 4. Ranger (ranged DPS) 5. Rogue (melee DPS) 6. Shaman (hybrid melee/support caster).

Each class has unique skills and a primary affinity. Putting more points into your class’s primary affinity will increase the effectiveness of skills associated with that affinity.

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Jon Wood