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Magic Arena Holding A Throne of Eldraine Standard Event September 26-30

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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With Magic: the Gathering's upcoming Throne of Eldraine set to release in standard this month, Magic Arena will be hosting an event to get everyone familiar with the new meta. The new event will unlock every card in Standard for players to test out the new meta for 12 games, win or lose. 

The Play Any Deck event in Magic Arena will hit the digital card game September 26th and run through September 30th. Each card in Standard will be available in full playsets (so four copies of each) for you to build to your hearts content. Personally, I want to see how Grxis and Esper change with the new meta (Goodbye Fun Police!). 

"For this event, we'll be giving you access to playsets of every card in Standard whether they're in your collection or not. All you need to do is brew, build, and play! You'll be able to do this for up to twelve games, so be sure to take advantage of your ability to build as many decks as you like and swap them between matches, because the following weekend, you'll have the opportunity to earn a copy of every card in Standard."

In addition to the Play Any Deck event in Magic Arena, on October 6th Wizards is hosting a 36-hour long event where players can again build and play any deck in the meta. However, if you manage to win 12 games before you hit two losses, you'll be met with a mythic reward: a copy of every card in Standard, including Throne of Eldraine.

You can view the full details on a new "State of the Game" post on the Magic Arena website. For those looking to see how the new meta will be with the upcoming fairy-tale themed Throne of Eldraine, a preview event is happening today on Twitch. 


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