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Mad World Wraps Final Alpha Test After New Features Added, Jandisoft Still Requesting Feedback

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After five days of testing, the final alpha for Mad World has ended. Jandisoft promised with the announcement of the alpha’s completion, that the team will review data and feedback and “we promise to return with much better Mad World”.

Since it was an alpha test, of course there were some issues, like at one point some players experience items disappearing due to a bug with inventory and storage item sorting. Players who were participating in the test would have seen recovered items sent to them in the in-game mail system. 

Before the alpha began, a few new features were added, including the Mad Pass battle pass system, the PvP arena, and Phantom Tourney Hall. The PVP arena is open to players who use battle coins. You can exchange battle coins for different items and engage in group PvP with the arena system.

The Phantom Tourney Hall is high-level endgame content. You can earn yourself some skill enhancing loot once a day by entering the challenge. Once you use the entry pass you will randomly enter  a dungeon from a set pool. The monsters in the alpha were fixed at a level of 83, with special abilities.  While an entry pass was needed, the team noted that you could enter with someone else who was using a pass, so there may be a plus one system in the full release.

During the alpha test, there were several patches  in response to bugs that were found as well as content updated or added. One of the additions was a pet introduction quest, and several of the fixes included adding English text where it wasn't displaying,  and fixing some cutscene errors, including one that affected the Act 5 boss and his exit. 

Most changes in the alpha test patches seemed to address some of the issues players were encountering and reporting, which is, of course, a huge part of an alpha. The updates that were patched in did everything from adjusting monsters’ attack ranges, ro adding quests and instances, fixing main quest bugs, and practical early work like making some alterations and shoring up the tutorial.

Overall, it seems that Jandisoft got lots of data from player participation in the test. While we don’t know when there might be another round of testing in the form of a beta, the team is still asking for feedback from participants.

See the end of alpha notice at Mad World MMO.


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