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Mad World Reveals Monsters and Creepy, Atmospheric Settings in New Video Clips

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While there’s no word yet on when the next testing phase will open, Jandisoft has revealed some new video, art, and details for Mad World.

The previews come in the form of several video clips and an update on the game’s official site showing the art and description for a few monsters.The videos include two three-minute preview clips of settings showing monsters and creepy atmospheric details and music.

One of the clips, “Veggie Diner Paran”, is captioned “There is food only for the devil.

What are the ingredients of food?” We see a number of grotesque monsters of three different kinds, pacing and making their way around a dark and broken setting with piles of bones everywhere and a central throne made out of bones with a skull on top. Water drops down the wall and there’s even a hanging half corpse nearby. The clip doesn’t show off more than this, so it’s more of a preview of the atmosphere, the NPCs themselves, and the very appropriate musical score.

A different clip, “Blood Swamp” is captioned with “Body fluids from the decomposed body are collected, forming a vast swamp”. Pleasant. This one, similarly, offers mostly a peek into what Mad World will look and sound like. The blood swamp burbles, rats scurry along a cobbled-together wooden pier, there are people around, tending to their business. One warrior-looking character stands by the edge of the swamp. Another looks like they’re putting face in their hands and crying. One more is patrolling, and another is looking at what’s on the ground.

The other clips are short and focused on newly-revealed monsters, Belphegorian hellfire, Shaman Toom, and Indescribable monster. Shaman Toom’s background is listed as “Once upon a time, an evil sorcerer patched up a corpse to make a new body”. All of these clips do feature action, with party combat showing players fighting against the enemies. Jandisoft has never shied away from creating a creepy dystopian world inspired by horror tales and even body horror. 

For more, head over to Mad World for the monster art and descriptions. 


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