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Mad World Release Build is Complete, Awaiting Final Polish, and Jandisoft Previews More Grim Lore

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 The Mad World team has more previews of grotesque enemies you'll face in the upcoming MMORPG while we all wait for an official release.

The team also posted a Q&A in English about how far and development they've gotten, as well as  additional responses to common questions.  Last time they did an AMA, they announced a plan for a permanent open beta format that was originally aimed at the end of this year.However,  there will not be one this month.  While they are not able to open this month, they note that the release version of the game is complete but they are still working on final testing and localization. They've also started working on major content updates to come after the release,  as well as features like guilds. 

The Q&A is pretty long and varied, but some of the other details include that they are working on a Steam version, And a look at the PVP system and what they're calling Madness points. Up to about level 50, there will be some safety measures to protect newer players If you try to PK, you'll start accumulating Madness points and if you have too many, you'll start dropping your items.

Meanwhile, the latest audiobook lore excerpt shows that, once again, Jandisoft is not shying away at all from the body horror of this dark world. This one tells the tale of Shaman Toom and those who keep being absorbed into his body. This preview is captioned, “Once upon a time, an evil sorcerer patched up a corpse to make a new body,” and immediately, we’re drawn into the suffering. “As if Toom was leaning to the side, mummified corpses started to build on his body,” it says, adding that “Until there was nothing left to absorb, Toom’s body would only continue to grow”.

Jandisoft has continued previewing monsters, bosses, as well as environments, tracks from the soundtrack, and a whole bunch of new details over the past few days. With development having shifted to polishing things up for release, and content updates beyond, it seems likely there will be more announcements soon.

Read the full Q&A over at Mad World.


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