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Mad World Gets a New Gamescom Trailer, Showing off Huge Monstrous Bosses and Party Battle

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Fresh off the recent announcement that Mad World, the 2D hand-drawn cross-platform MMO, would have its first closed beta next month, the Jandisoft team has released a new trailer for the game, showcasing its grim setting, dangers, horrific monsters, but also reiterating the idea that hope is possible.

We see several humans fighting on, facing their potential terrible ends, monstrous enemies with unrecognizable forms, and a card that first says, “Despite endless despair”, and then follows, after hands joining, “there is hope”.

While some may focus on the grimdark, post-apocalyptic and dangerous world, Jandisoft has always emphasized that having a spark of hope even in this terrible setting is important. To see it come as a bit of a focus of the new Gamescom trailer is not surprising, but it is in line with previously-revealed info on the game. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be Mad World without some of the challenges that make the world and setting darn and so dangerous. It comes in the form of large, strong bosses and glimpses of party combat against some of them, showing that hope in joining together against all odds. 

The monsters, and especially the bosses, are influenced by things like Lovecraftian horror and other sci-fi and horror tales, so the sometimes larger than life bosses and challenges fit with all of that. The Gamescom trailer does focus on these huge monstrous bosses and it definitely sets the tone for what you’ll have to face, but takes the chance to show off what party combat is like now.

The first closed beta is set for September 15-21 (hours will vary with the time zones) and the version that will be ready for closed beta is several months out from the alpha testing period. You can find out more about the game and coming beta test at Mad World. The team is expected to announce ways to apply for an invite soon.


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