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Mad World Founders Pack Info and Details Discovered, Giving a Hint at Monetization

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*Updated 2/23/2022 2:15pm: A spokesperson from Jandisoft commented on recent changed that rolled out across the Cash Shop site after this article was posted.

"There is an error in the package product, so I will send you a new one. Our big direction is not to do P2W, but to create a profit structure that the company can satisfy." -Jandisoft 

Below is a new picture of the packages available in the cash shop:

**Original Article**

Mad World, Jandisoft’s upcoming cross-platform MMO, is set to roll into its 5th alpha test tomorrow, and there’s some new info on the game’s potential Founder’s Packs and monetization.

Data found via a link on the Mad World site shows five tiers of options, from the Beginner Founder Pack for $9.99, listed at a 4% discount off buying the included items separately, all the way up to a Pioneer Founder Pack for $199.99. The five packs are $9.99, $29.99, $49.99, $99.99, and $199.99 for those looking to get a start by supporting the game via the shop. The basic pack includes 575 crystals, one Phantom Sphere, and 30 vouchers. The increasing levels of packs continue adding more of these items, along with additional items like gold, summon chests, and unique masks. 

Until more is known about all of the items you can get and what they do, it’s hard to know how buying your way into one of these packs will affect your gameplay. Speculation on any potential pay to win elements is also premature, but with testing opening back up again and more information sure to come through official sources, we’ll see what Jandisoft chooses to reveal and when.

Of course, all of this is up there now, but without any confirmation or announcements, it’s important to note that any or all of this could change between now and when the team is ready to discuss plans for monetization and the cash shop. As the game is still well under active development, there’s still lots more info that we don’t know just yet. 

Alpha testing 5.0 will begin tomorrow and run through February 28th. The team’s release of a new alpha preview trailer recently confirmed that there would be plenty of dungeons and boss action as well to test out, as well as other changes over the most recent 4th alpha test that ended in late December.

For more, including alpha info, head over to Mad World.


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