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Mad World Continues Previewing Monsters and Their Creepy Backstories

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Mad World has some more reveals from the upcoming grimdark MMORPG. Developer Jandisoft continues teasing some of the game’s monsters, along with some of their creepy backstories, and some new video clips.

The last series of video previews consisted of two longer clips showing off the environments and creepy atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic game  along with previews of some of the monsters and large bosses you can expect in the game. Several days ago, the Mad World team posted a few teases on social media, with lines like “Why did she die?” and “Dumpling, what is it?” and today, we have answers. Kind of. 

There are several new monster preview videos out, and each of them is an answer to one of the teasing questions from the other day. For example, the question Why did she die? is answered by the introduction of Sylvia. Along with this answer as to why she’s in the state you find her in: “ Her body, which was accused of being a witch, was carelessly crumpled into a jar”. The other answers follow a similarly cryptic creepiness. 

All of these answers are short on details, but they do make an impression when paired with the video clips. And the Jandisoft team is not holding back. One of the other newly-revealed monsters is Twisted infectee, along with the line “I pierced my head with a spear to avoid infection, but I could not avoid it after all”. This one walks along with a spear stuck through its head, looking like that spear continues to hurt. Oh, and it can yank out the spear and attack with it. 

Yet another new monster is Ostar. “He was a responsible gatekeeper until he got infected and became a killer,” his description says. And then there’s Beelzebub, “A presence that one can’t dare meet eyes with, the great lord that all worships, the incarnation of anger”.

Finally, for a change of pace, there’s Dark Encampment, which sounds like fun to visit. “There are only dead bodies all around. Dark Encampment. Their home resembles a swarm of maggots that live off eating the rotten flesh of carcasses.”

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