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Mad World Continues Its Unsettling Grimdark Previews With New Monsters and Lore

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The Mad World team continues with its series of short previews for the upcoming grimdark MMORPG.  While there's no solid release window yet for the game, the series of previews,  short videos, soundtrack previews, and even some website updates, has been building up for the past several weeks.  

In the most recent preview, we get to see HeadChef Pepperloan, whose short intro clip comes with the caption, “The dishes are outstanding. Although it is not something humans can eat”, before introducing us to the grotesque, mutated chef after killing a curious rat upon a table of what are probably ingredients. Unappetizing indeed, but we come away with another glimpse of the horrible inhabitants of this world of scarcity and despair. 

Palopo is another monster we get to meet. “The cleaner of the Abyss” comes in the form of something that looks like the squid out of the original Watchmen comic. 

Some of these previews come in the form of what they're calling audiobook clips, which are essentially lore entries. There’s another audiobook entry, the Forest in Place, a tale about two boys with a close, brotherly type friendship, who bet on who could enter and return from the forest faster. Of course, with a creepy game like this, things don’t quite end well for their friendship. The final part of the tale involves the forest returning memories of murder, suicide, and more. 

Mad World is not holding back on the monstrous and  the difficult in the lore and setting. What this adds up to, if the teases and previews continue, is being able to get a real sense of the world, as well as some of the conflict we might expect. That said, the Jandisoft team has said that hope will play an important role in the game, so we’ll have to wait and see just how that will come about.

For more on the game, head to Mad World.


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