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Mad World Alpha 4.0 Begins and Includes a Flesh Collecting, Tree Decorating Holiday Event

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The new alpha test for Mad World  has begun today and there are new updates and changes to go along with the opening of the latest round of testing. This alpha also brings with it a holiday event, Everyone’s Festival, where you’ll collect flesh for prizes. Maybe not the most traditional holiday event, but it makes sense in context.

The latest changes leading into the alpha have been of the polish and improvement type, but there are additions to look out for if you’ve participated in any of the prior tests. Chapter 2 of the main quest has been redone, with the main scenario completely revised and elements of the quest missions modified as a result. These include new bosses, new monsters, and raid additions.

For characters, there are many new skills this time around, with new skills for melee, magic, and weapon use as well as Abyssal secondary weapon skills. These skills let you do things like summon a spider by consuming some of your stamina (Obsidian Spider), or devouring your enemies by using some of your stamina (Predation).There are some more traditional effects too. Curse Of Thorns is a more traditional skill that uses your stamina to create an area debuff and Blood Trade uses some of your stamina to decrease defense and increase attack. The patch also adds a player trade system (linked to the mail system), map improvements, and balance changes.

The holiday event will run during the alpha and lets you collect festival tree decorations, Torn Flesh, Shiny Deer Nose, and Fragmented Skull. These items drop while you hunt and you can trade them with event NPC Petra Claus for prizes. The more you collect, the better your tree will be decorated. It might not be the holiday most might expect, but it fits the setting and concept of Mad World. 

 The alpha is running now until 4 AM Eastern on Friday or 9 AM GMT. For the full patch notes or the holiday event details, head over to Mad World.


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