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Mad Max: Fury Road Concept Artist Peter Pound Designs New World of Tanks Blitz Vehicles

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If you've seen Mad Max: Fury Road, you understand how awesome the vehicle designs are. Once the World of Tanks: Blitz Halloween event, Mad Games, kicks off, you'll be able to own a piece of Pound's work as well. Pound has designed a pair of new tanks that can be unlocked during the Mad Games event from October 17th to November 12th. 

Pound designed the Tier V Scavenger that comes as a reward for earning 50 battles. The Tier VII Gravedigger is unlocked by completing a set of battle missions.  Pounds work is part of the "Artists' Signature Series that began with legendary Gundam designer Kunio Okawara's tanks, the Q-47".

“Working together with the World of Tanks Blitz team, I was able to create some unique designs and given creative freedom,” said Pound. “With Mad Max: Fury Road, I was focused on car designs but the challenge here was taking tanks and making them even more heavy metal! I enjoy a challenge and it was a cool experience. Now I hope everyone enjoys the hard work put into these steel beasts.”

During Mad Games, players will be able to check out a post-apocalyptic take on their garage with holiday "flare" added to other maps including the new post-apocalyptic mode that brings sandstorms into the game.

You can learn more on the World of Tanks: Blitz site.


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