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Mabinogi Celebrates Two Summer Game Updates that Will Transform in Game Commerce

Steven Weber Posted:
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Mabinogi lives! Not only is the 14 year old game still alive, but it has just been updated with a new patch which introduces The Great Era of Commerce. While the first patch revolves around player commerce, the second patch, scheduled for late July, will ring in more group commerce related features.

Mabinogi initially released globally back in 2008, and has since grown in size and scope over more than a decade of updates. While the game may not be on everyone’s radar, back in 2020, Nexon reported that the game was home to more than 20 million registered users, and has grossed over 600 million in lifetime revenue. The game is currently in the process of creating a mobile focused version, as part of a plan to expand the IP to a greater audience.

With that in mind, Nexon has released their first humongous patch for Mabinogi, which will be accompanied by a second patch later this month. The updated, which is titled “The Great Era of Commerce” will introduce a bushel of new features related to the merchant systems within the game. Upgrades to bartering and trading are a given, but new ports and entirely new merchant hubs have also been implemented to celebrate traders and the hard work they put in for the in-game economy.

The system will be expansive, where players will be able to find limited time items in a new trade shop in Iria, and rent camels and dog sleds for player trade runs. They’ll be able to increase their Seasonal Commerce Score through each trade season, where top traders will earn Rebirth Potions, Precise Reforging Tools, and special buffs when they place on the top of the trader ranks.

The next patch currently slated for the end of July will bring in the ability to party up with other merchants, guard convoys, and take to the skies to move their goods in what seems to be one of the most meaningful updates to the game in a while. You can read much more about the new content that will be available in this update on the official Mabinogi site.


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