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Luster Class Headed to Phantasy Star Online 2 Global February 3rd

Gunblades Needed Some Love

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SEGA announced that the Scion class: Luster, new quests and a Max Level increase are headed to Phantasy Star Online 2 February 3rd. The Luster is a mobile and fast-attacking class that excels at using Gunblades.

The Luster can use three different combat styles, each promoting different elemental proficiencies. You can learn more about each style below:

  • Zandi Style – This is a high-speed style that is activated when a Wind or Lightning Element weapon is equipped. Most notable for its agility and proficiency with area of effect attacks.
  • Fomel Style – This aggressive style of combat is activated when a weapon is equipped that has a Fire or Dark Element type. Highly effective in close combat.
  • Baran Style – Activated when an Ice or Light Element weapon is equipped, the Baran Style is known for its defensive capability, due in part to its guarded abilities with long-range attacks.

You can also learn about some of the Luster’s unique skills:

  • Luster Voltage – A Voltage Gauge will be added to the Sub-Palette and connecting with your attacks produce Volts. The accumulated Voltage will increase Potency and reduce damage taken. Additional Class Skills can be taken to increase Voltage accumulation rate. If there is too long of a pause between attacks, the Voltage Gauge will be reset.
  • Luster Counter – If players successfully dodge with Sidestep or a Weapon Action, they'll unleash a powerful Sidestep Strike.
  • Luster Sidestep Guard – While locked on, Sidestep either forward or backward in time with the enemy's attack to activate a Perfect Guard and unleash a counterattack in the direction inputted.
  • Bonus Attack – Perform four Normal Attacks in a row (does not include Sidestep Strikes) to unleash a powerful attack in accordance with the current PP or Focus Gauge level.

Player’s will also get to level their characters to 100 from the current cap of 95, and follow along with new story quests that follow the ARKs as they attempt to defeat Shiva. Summoners will also receive a new Summoner Pet, and new Extreme Quests, and Ultra Hard Urgent Quests will also be available. This will certainly keep players busy as we await more information, including a release date, for Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis.


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