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Lua's Prey Update for Warframe Coming November 30th, With New Story and 51st Warframe Voruna

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Lua’s Prey will be out for Warframe on November 30th. This update will serve as light narrative content that begins to bridge the gap to The Duviri Paradox in 2023. Expect a new Warframe, the wolf-inspired Voruna, cosmetics, and some story to play through.

It will be released on all platforms on November 30th, and as far as the story goes, it takes place on Lua, with The Void exposing some old secrets and places. The Grineer and Corpus arrive to scavenge the newly discovered spaces, but the Lotus is sending Tenno to investigate. Previously used as a monitoring hub on Lua to keep an eye on Void Conjunctions, there’s a survival mission to complete, and an introduction to narrative and thematic ties that set up the upcoming content. 

The story mission, Lua’s Prey, will send you on an investigation mission that turns into a survival one. Similar to some of the previous times Warframe left you with the task of making sure there’s enough life support active, this will be part of the challenge here. There will be a Thrax enemy spawn for each survival round you make it through, and it will start depleting the life support until it’s dead. You’ll  want to act fast. The twist here is Conjunction survival, and there will also be a spectral Dax soldier that spawns when you trigger alarms and offers some AoE buffs. If you keep yourself oriented, attack the Thrax, and use those buffs, you may make it.

The update will also bring Voruna, which is the game’s 51st Warframe. She was designed as a special collaboration with Joe ‘Mad’ Madureira (Airship Syndicate) and named by the community as part of the Digital Extremes 2022 edition of their Quest to Conquer Cancer charity drive. Voruna features her signature weapon, Sarofang, and four different wolf types, each with its own ability.

For more on Lua’s Prey and Voruna, head to Warframe.


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