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Lovecraft MMO The Yellow King Now In Early Access

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Lovecraft MMO rogue-lite, The Yellow King, has entered Early Access on Steam. Here are the details.

The game is set to include infinite dungeons, traps, puzzles, and monsters for testing. The team is also looking to test the following:

·      Basic network performance

·      Server stability

·      Client graphics performance

·      Account creation and login

Keep in mind, the client represents a small slice of the overall game. Therefore, only about 20% of the mechanics and content is included. Here is what is not being tested:

·      Literally everything else

·      Weapons are placeholder (Roadmap March 2020)

·      UI is placeholder (Roadmap April 2020)

·      Animations are placeholder (Roadmap April 2020)

·      Magic system is not live (Roadmap May 2020)

·      AI is dumb and buggy (Roadmap May 2020)

·      95% of maps & AI are not live (Roadmap Rest of Life)

Additionally, if in-game account creation fails, click here.


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