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Lots to Do Before the Next Ship of Heroes Invite Test

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Ship of Heroes team has taken to the game's forum in response to a query from a poster wondering when the next "invite test" for the Character Creator Beta would be held. Though the hope is for the July 4th weekend, it may be too much of a stretch for that, but should come sometime shortly after. The team is hard at work on a number of features before the next test, hence the ambiguous date.

Some of what is in the current development pipeline:

  • more realism in facial models
  • adjustments to superspeed animations & FX
  • a new melee powerset

Finally, we're actually recording segments for a video about the level-up process, choosing power new powers, applying augment slots, and then installing augments. We have that working and I saw some short (and cool) combat scenes recorded in support of that.

Read more on the Ship of Heroes forum.


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