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LotRO's Yuletide Festival Opens On Thursday While Its Treebeard Server Marches on Helm's Deep This Wednesday

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Lord of the Rings Online has a bit going on this week as it is launching its Yuletide Festival and getting its Treebeard legendary server to Helm's Deep with a new level cap of 95.

First, the Treebeard server. The slower-paced progression server is finally marching on Helm's Deep, bringing the expansion and a new level cap to its players on Wednesday. This server, one of LotRO's legendary worlds, is slower-paced by design, with players on them taking in the sights and completing quite a few more quests than normal to keep pace. I mean, it takes about as long to get to Helm's Deep as it takes to say anything in Old Entish. This server was already outpaced by its faster brother, Shadowfax, which also mirrored the pace of its namesake.

Also coming this week is The Lord of the Rings Online's annual Yuletide festival, hitting servers on Thursday. To celebrate the occasion, the team gave a glimpse at one of the new gifts to earn during the festivities, a Wintry Sconce to decorate your house. It also followed that up today with a look at another Yuletide Hobbit Gift, the celebratory Umbari Bed, capturing some of the Corsairs of Umbar in the festivities.

Yuletide will be celebrated throughout Middle-earth until January 2nd, with a host of new rewards and gifts to unlock in addition to those shown. The Standing Stone Games team has a handy guide to help you get started when the update hits the servers, especially for those new players in the MMO.


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