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LOTRO's War of the Three Peaks Receives Raid, Instances, and More on Bullroarer

Update 28 outlined too

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Standing Stone Games has provide notes for LOTRO’s Update 28 including new details for War of the Three Peaks.

The notes specific to War of the Three Peaks includes King Thorin of Stonehelm attempting to reclaim Gundabad. Three specific items were discussed including Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold which is a new 12-man multi-tiered raid. Additionally, note that Discovery Deeds can be found in the Eyes of Guard Tavern through Javatar.

Shakalush, the Stair Battle is a multi-tiered six-man instance. Again, like the raid, Discovery Deeds can be found in the Eyes of Guard Tavern through Javatar. Finally, Elderslade Missions were discussed. These are solo or duo instances which are short and scaleable. You can access them through Introductory Remote Bestowed quest. Alternatively, you can travel straight to Annâk-khurfu from several Stable-masters in major hubs. Finally, Durin, the Dwarf in the basement of the Eyes & Guard Tavern, will also take you straight to Annâk-khurfu.

Check out the full notes here.


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