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LotRO's Shadowfax And Treebeard Servers Get New Level Caps Today As Expansions Hit Progression Servers

Isengard and Moria, respectively

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Today's downtime has brought new expansions to The Lord of the Rings Online - at least if you're playing on one of the two (or both - we don't judge!) Legendary Servers. The faster Shadowfax server is seeing a new level cap of 70, while the slower, more deliberate Treebeard is entering the Mines of Moria with a new cap of 60.

The Lord of the Rings Online's two major progression servers, Shadowfax and Treebeard, are meant to be running at a different pace, hence why they aren't exactly on the same footing in terms of where they are in content. Shadowfax, named for the famed horse of Gandalf, operates with faster progression while Treebeard reminds us with its slower pace as an homage to Fangorn himself. 

Today both servers have seen level cap increases, with Treebeard hitting level 60 and opening the doors of Durin, allowing adventurers to explore the mansions of Moria. Shadowfax, meanwhile, is leaving the Misty Mountains, Lorien and more behind and turning southwards towards the Gap of Rohan, moving onto the Rise of Isengard expansion. With it the level cap has been increased to 70, giving players plenty to do as they take the fight to Saruman himself. 

To access one of the two progression servers (or the other Legendary server, Anor), you'll need to be a subscriber (or have a lifetime account) to the MMORPG. Speaking of LotRO expansions, we just finished up our review of the latest expansion to the main servers, Fate of Gundabad. While players on Treebeard might be delving into the mansions of Khazad-dum, Fate of Gundabad explores the birthplace and one of the original strongholds of Durin's folk, telling a story that ties up many loose ends from the years-long Legacy of Durin storyline told since the end of Minas Morgul.

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