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LOTRO's New Legendary Progression Servers Launching On June 30th

Will have more details on launch day

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The Lord of the Rings Online has been talking about servers a lot lately, from the idea of a true classic server to the new legendary servers announced a few weeks back. Now we have a firm date as to when players can expect to see the new servers hit: June 30th.

In case you missed it, LotRO announced that they would be launching two new legendary servers, aptly named Treebeard and Shadowfax, soon. This was in the wake of closing one of the existing legendary worlds, Ithil, due to population issues. 

The two new servers will have drastically different feels, coinciding with their namesakes. Treebeard will be a slower progression server, whilst Shadowfax will have faster progression. In a discussion with new producer Raninia in last week's +Cord of the Rings stream, the developers did state that the overall goal of these servers is to have them become fully fledged live servers when they reach the current content. 

While the team doesn't really have any more information right now as to what exactly the situation, or even the speed at which players will (or will not) level yet, in a post on Twitter today Standing Stone Games did promise more information on launch day.

The Lord of the Rings Online recently launched its latest game update, Blood of Azog, as well as a new raid which sees players taking on Durin's Bane as the Dwarves of Moria themselves. 


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