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LOTRO's Minas Morgul Will Bring Players Back To The Last Alliance

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like LOTRO’s latest expansion, Minas Morgul, will bring players back to The Last Alliance, according to a Q&A.

Summarized by Druidsfire on the LOTRO forums, the entire Q&A can be viewed here,

Watch Minas Morgul Dev Q&A Tybur, MadeofLions, SSG_RedPanda from LOTROstream on www.twitch.tv

Highlights of note include,  

  • Minas Morgul BR probably next week (next month, Tybur said, which starts next week)

  • MM in cash market now, due in in-game store for points in March 2020. Xpac will be 2495 LP, stout-axes 1000 LP

  • New instances will be proper instances, not resource dungeons, unknown if adding resource dungeons later

  • Current plan: 3 3-person at release, a 4th 3-person might be the same or later

  • A few weeks later, 3 6-person instances

  • Shelob early next year

  • Haven't finalized if or how much Light of Earendil will be used in new content

  • No new Allegiance content

  • No 50-120 Valar upgrade

  • New 120 Valar (when available in the in-game store, will be 6695 LP just like current 105 Aria)

  • Comes with 2 premade Second Age items (weapon and class item) pre-imbued with specific legacies up to a certain tier

  • Trait points already set up, same as normally-leveled characters

  • Still have to visit stablemasters (no word on hunter/warden ports)

  • New virtue cap of 65 (120 Valars will get appropriate amount to match normally-leveled characters)

  • Possibly 2 new class trait points

Check out the full notes here, or watch the entire Q&A above.


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