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LOTRO's Midsummer Festival Has Been Extended Through July 11th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Midsummer Festival going on in Middle-earth right now has been extended according to the official LOTRO Twitter account. This means players can continue to enjoy and celebrate Aragorn and Arwen's wedding and take part in the festivities until July 11th.

Originally slated to end on July 6th, the extra time was granted today for players to participate in the ceremony. Taking place in Minas Tirith, the major city in the realm of Gondor, the Midsummer Festival marks the wedding of Arwen Undomiel to King Elessar (Aragorn) and brings in a new era of posperity to the realm of Men as the Fourth Age takes hold.

However, Minas Tirith isn't the only place to get in on the action as festival grounds all over Middle-earth will be buzzing with activity. Players can check out the grounds in Duillond, Bree, Thorin's Hall and even The Shire's iconic Party Tree to earn presents, tokens and rewards for participating in the festivities.

Last year was the first year the Lord of the Rings Online team introduced the festival, having it coincide with The Great Wedding update. Players can access a special instance of a festive Minas Tirith through a stablemaster to join the fellowship plan and witness the union between Aragorn and Arwen from the Tower of Ecthelion. We actually interviewed LotRO's Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini at the start of last year's festival, talking about the wedding, making annual events and more. 


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