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LotRO's Legendary Server Anor Getting A Level Cap Increase Tomorrow

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Lord of the Rings Online's legendary progression server Anor is getting a level cap increase with tomorrow's patch, according to Standing Stone Games. The cap increase covers the Mordor expansion as well as the Legacy of the Necromancer quest pack on the progression server, putting it one step closer to being on content parity with the rest of the game servers.

LotRO's Anor server's level cap will see it increase to level 115, according to a Tweet by the game studio earlier today. The server itself, Anor, is the original legendary progression server and is trucking its way towards content parity with the main game servers itself. This puts it one step closer to that goal, while giving Anor players more content to chew through as they progress along with the server.

According to Standing Stone Games, the level cap increase will cover the Mordor expansion, which released a few years back, as well as the Legacy of the Necromancer quest pack, which originally launched with Update 22 back in 2018. The quest pack sees players deal with...well...the legacy of Sauron the Necromancer as he operated in Northern Mirkwood before the War of the Ring in the Third Age.

You can check out the update after the downtime tomorrow on Anor. Recently, Standing Stone Games launched two new legendary progression servers in June: Shadowfax, a faster paced progression server, and Treebeard, a slower paced progression server to accompany Anor. More recently, LotRO's producer has been talking about some monetization changes that could be coming to the MMORPG, though it likely won't happen until after the Gundabad expansion hits.


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