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LotRO's Latest Producer's Letter Talks Erebor Housing, New Zone And More

Celebrating 15 years in 2022

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Late last week, Lord of the Rings Online's producer Raninia sent out the latest Producer's Letter, talking a bit about what's to come in the Middle-earth based MMORPG. In the letter, the producer touches on quite a few subjects, including the upcoming housing area in Erebor, Update 32 and more.

The major news from the update is the conclusion of the storyline currently being told in the latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad, culminating in the years-long Legacy of Durin story. Raninia talks about the team being excited to check out the new 12-person raid that concludes the story, which will be on Bullroarer pretty soon.

"First, beyond the Falls of Amgaruslun in the Clovengap lies Abnankâra, the Hiddenhoard. Once a grand treasury housing the golden coffers of Durin the Deathless, it has been claimed by Hrímil Frost-heart as her lair within Mount Gundabad. Within this frozen retreat, Hrímil tends her wounds and slumbers, dreaming of vengeance upon Prince Durin and the Dwarves of the Gabil'akkâ. We’re really excited for you all to experience the awesome conclusion of this storyline as we look towards the future. Look forward to seeing this 12-player raid on Bullroarer soon."

The Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain are also getting into the real estate business, opening up a new premium housing neighborhood in Erebor. This new housing area will feature a bevy of premium, deluxe and Kinship houses, as well as new features such as dayfile hooks and the ability to hide your yard from unfriendly eyes. There isn't mention of a regular housing neighborhood, so these houses will cost Mithril Coins (or Writs from the LotRO store), but it'll be nice to see another style of housing, just in case you've been hoarding those LotRO Points for such an occasion.

Also coming in the first big update of 2022 is the much anticipated Legendary Item Reward Track - basically a battle pass. 

"Third, and long awaited, is our Legendary Item Reward Track! Each season of the Reward Track is planned to run for three months, and will give rewards based on your play that will help you progress your Legendary Items and a few other goodies as well. After each season, the rewards will refresh and you’ll be able to progress anew. All of your characters on a world will contribute to your reward track progress on that world –that means your main and your alts all help towards earning awesome rewards!"

A new area is also coming to The Lord of the Rings Online, bringing some more mid-game options to players in the Angle of Mitheithel. This area stretches from the Trollshaws to a junction in the Bruinen, and will be for players sitting around level 40-45. 

The update also talks about the Legendary Servers and their progress, with Treebeard slowly moving into Moria whilst the Shadowfax server swiftly rides to Isengard. You can check out the new letter on the official LotRO website


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