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LOTRO's Latest Patch Brings Tweaks To Legendary Item Grind And Players Are Not Happy About The Changes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Patch 28.3.1 hit The Lord of the Rings Online today, and with it came changes to the much-maligned changes to legendary items, including tweaks to scrolls of empowerment. As a result of the changes, players have started to express their displeasure at the tweaks, especially as it increases the grind needed to level legendary items in the MMO.

The changes affect Scrolls of Empowerment, increasing the level range which they can be used by the player, however as many players are pointing out in the forums, only increases the grind of leveling the troubled legendary system. The team has stated that the changes are in response to an "exploit" found in the system.

One forum user points out the system is now even more convoluted, making the grind itself longer and take up even more bag and vault space - two things in short supply in any MMO, especially LotRO. Additionally, another player brought up how the different scrolls might end up "useless" after the next upgrade, also pointing how players will be forced to go back to old regions of the game in order to grind for scrolls which may not even be at the right level now. Other players are echoing these sentiments, calling for a lessening of the grind overall, not an increase to it. Another player speculates that the system is set up to be as "painful as they can possible get away with" in order to get players to bypass the grind altogether and use the in-game store.

TheLegendary item system, which has been in the MMO since the release of Mines of Moria in 2009, sees you leveling up your own unique weapon and items, but has been stale for years, with the developers stating their plans to overhaul the system...eventually.


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