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LotRO's Fate Of Gundabad Expansion Out November 10th, Available For Pre-Purchase

Level cap increase to 140 and new Brawler Class

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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LotRO is gearing up for its latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad, announcing today the upcoming content will be available on November 10th. Players can pre-purchase the expansion now, with prices similar to those in the past, ranging from a $39.99 package up to the $129.99 variety.

Fate of Gundabad is the latest expansion for the long running Middle-earth set MMO, bringing players to the ancestral home of the Dwarves: Gundabad. The realm has fallen into decay and ruin thanks to the Orcs and Angmarim inhabiting the area, though Prince Durin and the Great Dwarven Army seeks to retake the birthplace of their race in the upcoming release.

Alongside the story content, Lord of the Rings Online veterans will have ten new levels to progress, bringing the level cap up to 140 now. In addition, the new Brawler class will mark its debut with the expansion, bringing the first new playable class since the Beorning back in 2014. The new Legendary Item system will be live with Gundabad as well, bringing changes to the maligned system that players have asked for since it released back with Mines of MoriaLotRO's first expansion. A new raid and some new instances will be coming with Fate of Gundabad, with players taking on the Lord of Gundabad herself.

As with previous Lord of the Rings Online expansions, Fate of Gundabad has various versions you can buy, ranging in price based on the amount of digital goodies afforded the version. The base version of the expansion will start at $39.99 and give the Brawler class, a character slot and the content. Each version from there confers additional items, such as a level boost to 130, Brawler Gauntlet box, cosmetics and even an Dy Carry-all for those who spend $129.99 on the Ultimate Fan Bundle. You can check out the full details on the store page for more. If you're looking to set yourself up for Fate of Gundabad, Standing Stone Games is also giving away much of the MMO's previous content for free, as well as heavily discounted its previous expansions to boot.


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