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LOTRO's Bullroarer Open Through July 31, Bringing Database Wipe

Plus PvMP adjustments

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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LOTRO’s Bullroarer server is open once again, but only through Friday, July 31 at 10a EDT. Here’s what’s changed.

Along with a database wipe, a bunch of new tweaks and adjustments have hit the test server. For instance, the Midsummer Festival has seen a couple changes with respect to logging out. Now, logging out if you’re partially through the Toss a Coin quest will no longer cancel this quest. Additionally, Mihril travel has been fixed for Honoring Healers. Finally, Ciriel the Pasty Chef won’t fall through Minas Tirith.

PvMP has seen new adjustments as well including,

  • Warleader's Command Post summoned banner will once again grant buffs to Monster Play characters within range.
  • The following Osgiliath Monster Play quests will once again advance properly: Conquering the Ornendil, Looking for Conflict, The Ornendil Bridge Belongs to Mordor, and The Belegiant Bridge Belongs to Mordor.
  • Monster player inventory, quest, and barter items should no longer have a red border unless they actually cannot be used due to class, rank, or other restrictions.

This follows many days of downtime, with world chat finally returning recently. You can catch up on the compensation provided, in addition to the Q&A Cord hosted to address the outage.


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