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LotRO's Brawler Class Leaks Thanks To Dataminers - Here Are The Details

Hand to Hand Combat Specialist

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LotRO's first class to release since 2014's Beorning, the Brawler is getting some details thanks to new datamined leaks in the Middle-earth set MMO. The Brawler, which we all pretty much knew was going to be a hand-to-hand combat specialist, is broken down in a recent YouTube video from LotRO YouTuber Louey7.

The Brawler class is coming to The Lord of the Rings Online later this year, with the last official news from the MMO's developer Standing Stone Games seemingly putting it to release before the upcoming Gundabad expansion, which was delayed into the fall of 2021. The new class hasn't really officially been talked about in detail by SSG, but that hasn't stopped intrepid dataminers from finding out what they can thanks to time spent on the Bullroarer test server.

The details are discussed in...erm..detail by YouTuber Louey7, known for his LotRO content. While Louey7 himself stresses he doesn't know the origins of the infographic used to showcase the early look at the Brawler skills, it does give a glimpse into what we think the class could end up looking like when it releases later this year. 

The skills on display in the video showcase a mix of lefit and right punches, as well as jabs, all building a resource called Mettle. Louey7 notes the color coding reminds one of the Warden's Gambit system, and the resource Mettle could operate much like a Hunter's Focus or Champion's Fervor. The skill descriptions on offer make the class seem like another tank, with taunts, self-heals and more that would usually be associated with the role. With the Guardian being the only real pure tank in LotRO, it would be interesting to see how a new tank class like the Brawler if it ends up being one could shake up the current, stagnant meta in the MMORPG.

It's also worth mentioning that all of this should be taken with a giant heap of salt as it could all change dramatically before Standing Stone Games officially unveils the class later this year. However, it's definitely fun speculation as 2021 gears up to be an exiciting time for LotRO players. With a new zone, Wildwood, being released fro mid-level grinding as well, starting a new class like the Brawler and taking it through another quest path could break up some of the monotony for those long-running players who need a change of pace when leveling an alt. 


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