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LOTRO 'Work Has Been Ongoing' to Resolve Server Issues, Extends Summer Festival

More work done this week

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As of this writing, the servers for Lord of the Rings Online are still struggling with Standing Stone Games confirming that “work has been ongoing” to resolve issues.

The update was provided in the official forums after one commenter submitted,

“We really haven't had a statement on the latest performance issues in quite some time, Cord. Is there ANYTHING new you can share today concerning this past week?”

Community Manager Cordovan replied,

“Work has been ongoing, and some work is being done this week to further refine the tools we have. Sorry I don't have much else to add.”

This comes after news last week of more issues cropping up, which in itself was a sequel to issues which plagued the MMORPG last month. In fact, players had started a petition to force SSG to acknowledge the poor server performance writing,

“We as a player community complain about making better servers for Standing Stone Games. Our goal is to make Standing Stone Games admit with this petition that the servers are in a very bad condition as they are running at the moment. We therefore ask SSG to make better servers.

The community that keeps the game alive wants SSG to do something about it. SSG must hear it from several players. So players sign this petition if you think something should be done!”

To that end, it looks like SSG is extending the current Summer Festival till September 14. So there’s that.


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