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LOTRO Update 32, Rangers and Ruins, Brings Erebor Housing, New Legendary Items Track and More

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Rangers and Ruins, update 32 for The Lord of the Rings Online is out today and it brings Erebor housing, the new Legendary Items reward track, a new area for level 40 to 45, a series of class balance changes, and more.

If you’re looking for a new place to settle, now is your chance to build your home in the Great Hall Under the Mountain. Premium player and kinship housing is available. There are also town services and social spaces that you can build up and share in a community. As part of the Erebor housing debut, there’s new music hooks and ambient music. Exterior ambient environment and music hooks and interiors are also now supported in Cape of Belfalas  and Rohan housing.

The Legendary Items reward track is available now and accessible once you hit level 45. When you play and get item XP, your track will progress throughout the season, with a repeatable goal for additional loot at the end. This is account based so every character you play will contribute to the rewards track, and when it comes time to claim rewards you can pick what character they go to.

The Angle of Mitheithel is a new area for 40-45 with new content and secrets to be discovered. It’s available free to VIPs or as a purchasable quest pack.

Classes got some balance changes, with the Brawler, being the newest class, continuing to get much attention as more players have a chance to play Brawlers and the team gets more feedback.

Also new is a change to trait slots. For Class, Race, and Virtual, trait slots will automatically unlock when a character reaches the level required. This doesn’t apply to characters you use in Monster Play and it also doesn’t depend on whether you have a subscription or not. This will work universally across all characters. Also lifted is the gold restriction. Both free and premium accounts can now have a maximum of 9999 gold without having to buy a currency cap.

There were originally supposed to be major changes to currency in this update, but after feedback, those changes were postponed for additional review.

You can see the full update notes for Rangers and Ruins over at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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