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LOTRO Update 28.2 Preview Available in Bullroarer Till Tomorrow

Monster play stats changes and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re looking to check out some monster play balance changes in Lord of the Rings Online, you have till tomorrow to preview Update 28.2 in the Bullroarer test server.

This update brings some pretty big changes to monster play stats and how they are configured on the back end. This is designed to make progression more consistent with player stats. Creeps have received a generic multiplier to base HP and damage. In fact, Creeps in general will now start with way better ratings even before corruptions. Here are some other patch notes:

  • Physical Mitigation corruptions now ALSO give B/P/E boosts.
  • Tactical Mitigation Corruptions now ALSO give Resistance.
  • Resistance corruptions still exist, but they will probably be replaced/altered when we have a chance to expand the corruption tray and do a more deliberate pass on corruptions.
  • Updated a lot of morale/power regen sources, including monster player skills/traits, and many consumables for both freeps and creeps.
  • Finished major damage/heal normalization pass.
  • Bumped a lot of their weaker damage skills.
  • Made a number of aoe's non fellowship dependent.

The patch also touches on several instances, in addition to quests and adventure areas. You can check out the full update notes here. Remember, you have till tomorrow (November 11) at 5p ET to preview these changes.


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