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LOTRO Update 25.1 Brings Yule Festival

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The Yule Festival returns to LOTRO in the Update 25.1.

You’ll be able to travel to Winter-home and partake in your favorite winter quests and activities. New rewards are also included. The festival begins on December 12 at 10a ET and runs through January 6.

Also included in the patch are tweaks to classes, crafting, housing, and more. Here’s a snippet.


  • Champions now get 1 Block per Vitality.
  • Beornings now get .5 Finesse per Fate.
  • Blue Line Champions now receive a bonus to their base Block score when they specialize.


  • Players can now craft using ingredients stored in their Crafting Carry-alls.
  • Anorien fields now take three seconds to sow instead of seven seconds.
  • Minas Ithil crafted tanking weapons now have more appropriate stats.
  • Westemnet Crafted Beorning Legendary Weapons (Rare and Incomparable rarities) may now be crafted with ingredient packs.
  • Some bows, including the Hero's Bow from the Valar Level Boost Package, should now fit more cleanly on the player when not being wielded.
  • Softly Moonlit (Tier 2) essences are now available to craft by Minas Ithil crafters


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